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I am Bethann Marie.

Today, I started this site. It's May 24, 1999

This will be the coolest site you've ever been to!

All About Wonderful Me! . . .
I'm 18 years old, from Massachusetts. I'm a Christian, so deal with it! :) hehe.. I love to chat about anything.. I have a scanner so I'll have some pics of me soon...

I'm graduating June 10th, from Monty Tech. (Link at bottom..)
In the fall, I'm going attend Mount Wachusett Community College. My major will be General Human Services, where I will get my Associates and Bachelors degree, in Social Working, and then I will be going to Worcestor State College, for Masters and hopefully Doctrates in Psychology. My goal is to work as a Social Worker/Councelor in a High School. I would really love to do that!

These are some things that I'm interested in:
  • Cartoons
  • Christian Ska, Hardcore and Celtic Music!!!
  • Computers: I love computers, I take Electronics as a shop at Monty Tech, so I learned how to program using Visual Basic 3, and 5, and QBasic.. I love it!!
  • I Love Ireland. In two years I plan on taking a two or three week vacation to Northern Ireland. Before my life really takes off, and I'll never have time to if I don't do it then. I love anything that has to do with Ireland..(Within Respect..)
  • When I graduate, I'm to be a Youth Leader, at my church, which is sooo awesome!! :0)
  • I love N64, and computer Games.. I have Zelda 64, which I've been playing since Christmas, because I love to take my time, get every little object and go through the whole story line! :) heh..
  • I love Photography. When I go to college in the fall, I'm taking Photography. I have so many beautiful pictures of the sunset and such.. I love capturing nature at it's best..
  • Science Fiction!! Two words: STAR WARS!!
  • Socialising--I love to talk with new people! "The only way to have friends, is to be one!
  • Sports: I LOVE: Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, and call me odd but I love to WATCH baseball and golf. :)

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